Best 4 Smartwatches to buy today

A couple of years ago, watches seemed to have been wiped out of the market by the dominance of smartphones. Honestly, looking back just 7 years ago, no one thought that the big tech giants could at some time venture to invest in bringing back the good old analog watches back into the market and of course adding flavor to them with some “smartness”. But at the moment, smartwatches are not just regaining popularity, but they are slowly becoming the wave of the future for any tech-mined person. Every “Big-Boy” in technology (Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, Asus … name them) is striving to outdo the other in production of smartwatches.

Well, thinking about it again, smartwatches really have everything to be admired about. They will tell you the time, just like any other watch does; but they will also channel your phone’s notifications to your wrist. In addition, they will run your mobile apps (much like your phone does) and yet they will only remain as some beautiful thin band on your wrist. Modern smartwatches could even track your exercise and they will be your helping map when you get lost while hiking in the woods.

In this amazing edition, we take down the finest details of the best 4 smartwatches that you may love to try out in 2017. So are you ready?  …let’s begin with:

Anybody would have guessed that the best smartwatch out there could have been either an Apple or a Samsung, but that's actually not it. Casio was and remains the best smartwatch company still. Sure. You don’t have to believe this; you only need to try it out.  If you are a watch fanatic, then you know that the talk about watches is never complete if I never mentioned some Casio in the talk, or is it? Casio Company has definitely been the all-time best manufacturer of various types of watches worldwide. In the recent years, the company has actively engaged in the production of very outstanding watches in its bid to outdo competition from other established brands. The WSD-F20 is Casio’s latest smartwatch flagship that was released this year (2017) in April. Priced at $500, the smartwatch has got more that anyone could actually imagine. As a matter of fact, if you have tried out this watch, you may be forced to stop using your smartphone owing to this gadget’s unmatched capabilities.  The following some properties and features that made this smartwatch the number one watch in this listing:


  • Weight:  approximately 810g or 3.2 ounce
  • Case Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 6.17mm diameter and 0.88 thinner than 1st gen. watches
  • Color: grey/black
  • Price: $500


  • OS – Android 2.0 (but supports iOS as well)
  • Screen: colored LCD with optional monochrome for battery saver
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters.
  • Watch-face enabled
  • Military certification 810G
  • Other features: digital compass, barometer, altimeter, Casio moment setter, a microphone and a time-piece


  • Very durable: with a military certification 810G for ruggedness, this watch is surely built to last no matter how harsh you will treat it. I mean, just consider even the fact that the watch is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters! Boy, which other watch does that out there?
  • Very lightweight: weighs just about 800g which makes it very light to jog with.
  • High software application support for nearly all the popular phone OS.
  • Has a cute design with much resemblance to the good old G-Shock watches (if you ever bought one).
  • Relatively longer battery life of up to 30 days when not running the GPS.


  1. This watch is costly. Well, though it may be such a nice performer, the Casio WSD-F20 costs a whopping $500! Well, this certainly may keep many people off the Casio F20 shelves. But if you got some extra bucks to spend, go ahead, get the F20 here and feel free to share your experience with us.


It is the ultimate 21st-century smartwatch available in the market. Even though it is quite highly priced, I believe it is worth the cost. On a scale of 10, WSD-F20 deserves a 9.8 score.


Now, ranking between Samsung Gear S3 and Apple watch 2 does often drive me bananas. This is because these two gadgets present very close resemblance in presenting high performing feature to watch fanatics. As such, to avoid controversy, I often wish I’d toss a coin to help me decide which one should rank higher than the other. But in the sincerity of my perception and the honesty of the compiled reviews that I checked through, there is no doubt that Samsung Gear S3 has got a slightly higher market reception than the Apple Watch.

Features & properties:

So, let’s face it. This watch (Samsung Gear S3), runs on TIZEN OS and it is compatible with both Android and iOS applications. It has a 1.3’ colored LCD display and a 4GB internal memory. Besides, it has a 1.0 GHz processing speed; and boy, have I mentioned that it has a wireless charging mechanism? Its battery can normally extend a stretch of up to 3 days. The watch is currently priced at $299 in Amazon. Check it out here.


  • It has a high software support: this is undoubtedly the watch’s silver bullet to counter Apple’s Apple Watch 2 dominance in the market. Samsung Gear S3 supports iOS and Android. Think about it, though everybody could have wished to have the Apple look, it could be meaningless if the watch could not easily be compatible with my phone.
  • Samsung Pay: you don’t have to use your credit card for shopping; you will only need to wave your watch and go. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?
  • A very user-friendly interface: this watch is very easy to use immediately you power it.
  • A bigger internal storage memory: I know nowadays 4GB doesn’t sound much (since we now have 6GB – RAM in smartphones), but 4GB for a watch is damn too much.
  • Great for activity tracking: this watch will keep track of your daily exercises and with the GPS feature, it will also be very helpful if you love hiking.


  1. Not water-resistant as smartwatches of its class. You might have thought that this watch too is water resistant. Sadly, that’s not the case with most of its releases. It’s only the LTE version of the Samsung Gear S3 is water resistant and it is only resistant to a depth of 1.5 meters.
  2. It lacks several original Samsung Apps. This somehow makes it quite hard to learn for a new user of this gadget.


The Samsung Gear S3 may not be the best smartwatch in the whole world, but this watch surely adds a variety of features in an ideal smartwatch that I am sure any watch fanatic could admire. Coupled with the relatively cheaper price of $299, this watch is truly something worth trying out. On an average scale 10, this watch scooped a score of 9.32 from the online ratings. Check it out here.

Holy cow! I could not help exclaiming the beautiful design of the sporty Apple Watch 2. Well, if looks are something to go by when you buy a smartwatch, or you are just Apple fan, then you may not need to scroll any further; just pause here and make an order right here. Primarily, this watch has received very great reviews on its overall performance. When it comes to the fitness watch lovers, this watch has been appraised much like one would have embraced an experienced fitness trainer. Perhaps before, I could present my opinion, I would like to showcase the properties of the Apple Watch 2.

Features & Properties

  • Operating System: Watch OS 3
  • Screen size: 1.53’ OLED
  • Processor: S2 duo-core
  • Band size: varies with the watch size
  • Memory: 8GB onboard storage but with only about  2.1GB usable
  • Battery duration: can stay for about 18 hours under normal usage
  • Wireless charging: enabled
  • Compatibility: iOS 10 or later (models iPhone 5 and later series)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC
  • Pricing: between $339 and $549


  • It is water resistant: this means, no one needs to worry about a little rainfall while jogging or even worry if his/her Apple watch 2 falls in the dishwasher accidentally.
  • Great onboard GPS: this watch has a great GPS and will definitely give you awesome directions on the map (if you care to try this out).
  • A very enchanting design: (allow me to call it unisex). As noted before, this watch has a very awesome design. More so, I find it very cool with the sporty bands. It has a wide screen and it perfectly fits regardless of the gender of the one who wears it. Thus, if you wanted to buy a birthday gift yet you aren’t certain of what will fit, try this watch. It will always fit.
  • A good fitness and exercising ability


  1. Costly: when I consider the cost of this watch with its available counterparts, I (personally) find it somehow overpriced as it looks and performs much like many normal smartwatches that cost between $150 and $200.
  2. Battery: Battery life can be a real issue for some users.
  3. Incompatibility:  even though the watch does work without the aid of the phone, it is certain that it is only limited to iOS. This means the smartwatch isn’t compatible with phones that use Android, Sailfish or Windows OS.


Apple Watch 2 is a classy smartwatch by design, a water-resistant and a highly fault tolerant gadget. It is also hailed highly by gym lovers and athletes. This is a clear indication that this watch is great for people who love doing regular fitness exercises. However, this device has fallen short in ranking because it is quite expensive and it is not compatible with the majority of modern smartphones. The overall online ranking of this device was 9.15. Check it out here.

There is a popular notion in the West that everything that contains the label “made in China” is less durable. Not so with the Ticwatch 2. Here is the cheapest and ultimately the best option to anyone who would love to experience the fun of a wearable smartwatch but works on a very tight budget. This watch costs just $199 and it has proven to work much or less like the world’s top smartwatch brands.  Honestly, it is not the very best; then again it is far better than an average smartwatch. Here is how the Ticwatch 2 performs:

Features & Properties:

  • Operating System: Ticwear OS 4.8.0
  • Weight: 1.6 oz.
  • Color: two main colors, charcoal-black and snowy-white
  • Compatibility: iOS and Android operating systems
  • Battery duration: about 28 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC


  • Lovely design: this watch has a very cool, simple and an enchanting design.
  • Kickstarter project: If you are into supporting new technologies and innovations from start-ups, look no further. This watch is a Kickstarter project. I would say it's Must Try watch.
  • It is very user-friendly: though the word Ticwear OS may somehow make you doubt its ease of use, this watch is surely very easy to learn and be acquainted with. Besides, the cool dark background of the operating system somehow makes this watch too irresistible.
  • It is faster: this watch loads its applications very fast and easily. I am sure if you have used the GPS of the watch, you will agree to this fact.
  • It is cheaper: rated at just $199, this is the one watch that everybody ought to yearn for.
  • Very lightweight and durable.


  1. Shorter battery life: this watch’s battery drains quite fast whenever it is subjected to prolonged use of GPS. However, if you kept it for just phone notifications, calls and texts, it will not run out as fast and it could help you pull through the day.
  2. Few application support: Ticwear OS is quite a new OS in the market and it has absolutely few applications in support, unlike the popular brands. However, if you only aim the basic applications, you will not be disappointed by this watch.


Ticwatch two smartwatch is a great watch with an impressive speed of running application, a cool design and an extensive support for smartphones. Besides, it is also relatively cheaper and affordable. Further, you get a feeling of supporting Start-up considering this watch is a Kickstarter project. Even so, this watch has got one main drawback of its short battery life. Otherwise, if you could find a way to handle the short lifespan, then you could count it as the best smartwatch out there. The Ticwatch two scooped an online rating of 9.0. Please check it out here.


Please take a look at these smartwatches and others available on the market. The smartwatch market is highly dynamic at this time. A lot of new models are coming out quickly. Please feel free to put your comments and your impressions or preferences for smartwatches. I would love to know what my readers are prefering to wear!


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