How to disable Facebook notifications in Google Chrome browser

This morning I was annoyed by a Facebook notification in the lower right side of my Google Chrome while not a single webpage was open!  I started wondering how this happened (I have to admit here that I am probably not up-to date on recent feature updates in Google Chrome) . However, unexpected notifications can cause embarrassment if it happens at work to someone. Thankfully, there are few ways you can make sure to avoid/ disable such Facebook notification in your Chrome browser. Here are two ways that you can use to block any specific website notifications in Google Chrome:


Option 1: Google Chrome Address Bar

  • Open in Google Chrome
  • Click on small “Green Lock” icon that shows up in the address bar just before the website URL. This will open a drop-down menu (I never really noticed this menu before!)
  • Under “Permissions” section, there is a number of things that you can set permission for. Just click next to the “Notifications” and Select “Always block on this site”


Option 2: Google Chrome Settings

  • Open the Google Chrome settings page
  • Click on “Show Advanced Settings” at the bottom
  • Under “Privacy” section, click on “Content Settings”
  • Scroll down to “Notification” section and click on “Manage Exceptions'”
  • Click on “” and in the drop-down menu, change it from “Allow” to “Block” or remove it all together
  • Click 'Done'


That is all it takes to avoid unexpected Facebook notifications in your Google Chrome.


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