Nexus 6 is the best phone for the price to buy today (October 2015)

Last few days my LG G3 started giving me some troubles that forced me to look for a replacement android phone.

I have been using android ever since it got the first touchpad less phone released, HTC- myTouch 3G on T-Mobile in 2009. Since then, I have done a lot of flashing, rooting and all the fun stuff that android let you do with the phone. I have owned HTC myTouch 3G > Samsung Galaxy S1 > Samsung Galaxy S3 > Sony Xperia Z3v > LG G3. Of all these, the most reliable phone I had was Samsung Galaxy S3. However, LG G3 was the most I liked due to its beautiful display- a primary reason I bought it and love it. But, it’s now time to change. The smartphone market is changing so rapidly and there are just too many choices today.

I do not like to buy discount phones with two-year contract. I have left contracts in 2010 after I completed one for myTouch 3G with T-Mobile. Since 2010, I am prepaid user and have used Page Plus Cellular – H2O wireless – AirVoice Wireless.

I do still like to buy a phone at the bargain price, just not on contract. Several years of experience have thought me that to do that, typically you have to stay one generation behind in the phone.  So now I stay a generation behind on cell phones. It allows me to buy the best phone at the best price with well-documented issues and well-developed community support. The price of the top of the line phone drops significantly when the new model is announced.


Nexus 6 is the best phone for the price to buy today (October 2015)

Motorola Nexus 6 Unlocked Cellphone, 32GB, Cloud White (U.S. Warranty) (Amazon Deal)

Nexus 6

All top of the line phones today got good processors, ram, storage, battery etc. Galaxy S6 – Nexus 6 – Moto X Pure – LG G4. There are just too many other great phones from less popular brands like One Plus Two, Xiaomi Mi4 etc. However, I wanted to stick with the mainstream phone just yet because I learned in last few years that you also need a lot of community support if you need to play around the phone.

Importantly, I want qHD display similar or better than the LG G3. I like SD card slot and unlocked device. However, so far I only had 16 GB phone and 16 GB SD card in it. That way, if SD card is not an option, I can get by with 32 GB device.

I never had pure android experience as I never owned Nexus devices. However, I really like to try it especially since it will offer android updates as soon as google announce it. In fact, it will be updated for next few versions of android for sure. Android 6 update is already out for the Nexus 6.  

Specification wise, Nexus 6 is top of the line device today.  I do not need to list specifications here as I am sure you know it. It does not have SD card but comes with 32 GB memory. It has a qHD display and pure android. It has all that I need and now at the bargain price.

Google just announced Nexus 6P that bring this top of the line phone to nearly half the price it was selling for. It’s in $3xx range. That is an insane deal/ price for the Nexus 6. Go ahead and get one if you are in the market for the high-end unlocked android phone. You can’t beat this deal today.  



Nexus 6 is the best android phone to buy today. It has powerful hardware and latest software- Android 6 (Over the air update is out already). Price is great and lowest it has been. Sure, you can wait and get for even lower but then it will be even older device and might be two generation old! So and get the Nexus 6 now.



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