Top 5 Virtual Reality (VR) kits


Virtual Reality is a seriously booming industry all over the world. This is because VR has got some “tech-magic” that makes you travel from the real world into a virtual (but looking real) world of a movie, game or just an application. No wonder PS4 has been soaring crazy sales lately. Thinking about it again, it's clear that the recent excitement in VR is not really because the technology is absolutely new; but because its implementation, marketing, and availability have been greatly improved than in the olden days. Yet, when considering the rate at which technology has been evolving in the 21st century, one may sometimes wonder if VR will actually survive 3 years to come or will it just be a transformation phase to a more complicated invention. Of course, there have been quite a formidable counter-argument that AR might slowly phase out VR in the coming years as explored here, but that is beside the point. I mean, technology will always keep changing and if it won’t change, then it is not technology but history.

In this fascinating edition, we sought to explore the market’s finest VR Kits. After a careful and considerate analysis, we drew this list of top 5 VR kits for 2017 that anyone who loves VR ought to try out. But, before I proceed further into the review, I just had to inform every buyer of VR kits that currently, you may only get just as much as you are willing to spend for the VR kits. Sure. VR kits have no bargain as other electronics do. I found out that the higher the performance, the higher the price-tag as well.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s possible that there are a lot of promising headsets we’re likely to meet very soon, but before then here are the best (among the best) VR headsets for now. Ready? We begin with…

Rank 5: Got Google Daydream for $78

Of all the top 5 reviewed VR headsets currently, Google Daydream was the cheapest headset available in the market. And for any person who used has used the Google Cardboard before, the Google Daydream VR headset will undoubtedly top in his/her list of top gadgets for 2017. This is because unlike the Google Cardboard that was quite unimpressive in design and generally was a sluggish companion in performance, the Daydream is quite a work of art in design and definitely a great performer. It’s so good in performance that even the top phones in the market (including the awesome Google Pixel) don’t seem to cope so well with it.

This headset works by splitting the screen images (much like all VR headsets do) and coupled with a remote control for controlling actions; you actually get to enjoy some of the leisure that so far has been reserved for the expensive brands like Vive.

Features & properties

  • Connection type: Mobile connected. I.e. the daydream VR headset is not smart enough to do any processing of its own, but rather offers a pair of lenses that will help you to view images in 3-D.
  • Image resolution: is relative to the resolution of the native phone.
  • Refresh rates: 60Hz
  • Software support: Android version 7.0 (Nougat) or above
  • Field of view: not specified but is approximately 100 degrees
  • Sensors: Motion sensor
  • Cost: $78
  • Others: a hand-held remote controller, Google VR hardware support.


  • It is cheaper: this device currently costs just about $78 which is way cheaper than most of the VR kits that can perform even halfway the Google Daydream performance.
  • Is comfy and easy to use: one other thing that anybody who had tried this headset will not fail to miss is the fact that the kit is very smooth and cool on the inside, unlike the older Google cardboard.
  • Supports a wide range of devices: the Daydream generally has support for many Android devices that are available in the market thus would be more preferable.


  1. Limited applications: The Google Daydream VR has an extremely limited amount of applications support. It is even worse to imagine that it does not support even applications that were supported by the Google Cardboard. However, Google is currently working on an SDK update that will solve this limitation soon.
  2. This thing heats up like crazy: I am not kidding; if you use this device for just a few minutes, you may never have noticed this. But go ahead and try using it for an hour then tell me if you never looked out for a heat sink to cool your eyes and your phone thereafter.  This is mainly because current smartphones are somehow limited in handling the bulky Daydream platform.


Though it is not the best in the market, Google Daydream is one device that I would recommend to someone looking for great performance but has tightly fixed budget. If you can cope with the heat and the few available applications, then you will certainly have fun “daydreaming”. Get Google Daydream here.

Rank 4: Samsung Gear VRhere’s a great stuff for Samsung gadgets

Somehow, I often find Samsung to be such an awesome designer of devices. And when it comes to their VR gear, I find it very much irresistible just by looks. This device was released by Samsung but in essence, it was a production of Samsung and Oculus (thus, you can guess its performance is obviously above the bar). With just $100, this Samsung Gear VR headset is able to transport you daily into a whole new imaginary galaxy where you will be able to view 3D movies, play 3D games and even use phone applications as though they are planted in your sitting room.  This device is also chipped with a remote controller and it also supports quite a wide variety of Samsung phones.

Features & Specifications

  • Connection type: Mobile connected. I.e. the Samsung Gear headset too offers a pair of lenses that will help you to view imaged in 3-D once you connect your streaming device.
  • Image resolution: is relative to the resolution of the native phone.
  • Refresh rates: is also relative to the phone used.
  • Software support: Android version 6.0 or above
  • Hardware support: only Samsung devices (phones)
  • Field of view: 101 degrees
  • Controller: hand-held remote controller and a touchpad on the headset
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
  • Sensors: Motion sensor
  • Cost: $100
  • Others: Samsung Gear VR hardware support powered by Oculus.


  • It’s fun, fun and a lot more fun: this device is able to play both Samsung and Oculus applications which actually means it gives you a very wide variety of applications to select from.
  • An awesome design: this headset is really cool to look at. At some point, it may be tempting to even carry it to the office or the cafeteria.
  • Relatively cheap: it is not the cheapest kit, but it is really worth the pricing given its nice performance.
  • It is comfy: this kit is really cool and comfy to use. Besides, it doesn’t heat up much like most headsets costing less than $100 do. This makes it a very awesome option to opt for.
  • Integration of Samsung gear 360 for content creation: this is actually a very advanced feature as it gives you the ability to create customized VR content and nothing could me more interesting.


Poor image quality: this drawback will differ relative to the type of phone one uses. As noted in the properties section (above), image quality is relative to the phone used. Thus, if you are using this headset for Samsung phones lower than the Samsung Galaxy S* versions, you may soon have to start scratching your eyes if you do not become keen on using this pair of lenses.

A smaller hardware support: that's quite straightforward; if you do not use a Samsung device, then you definitely don't qualify to buy the Samsung Gear VR 


So far, not much negativity has been related to this device. Thus, I am of the opinion that this headset is actually the ideal option if you have a good Samsung smartphone. You don’t really have to believe it, do you? Just spare some $100 and grab one here then share your experience with us.

Rank 3: The Sony PlayStation VR …Oooh, the good Sci-Fi is here!

Good heavens! Here is something else that been drawn from Sci-Fi movies. Firstly, I (personally) am a game fanatic and of course a lover of several other games besides the PS. But, there is "something" about this VR headset that makes me not want to compare it with any other headset out there.  Sony PlayStation VR brings back memories of the good Holly Wood Sci-Fi movies; though this time round, I happen to be the virtual actor. But before I pour out my opinions, let’s first explore what the Sony PS VR headset will add to your gaming menu.

Specifications & Features

  • Connection type: Cable tethering to PC or T.V. set. I.e. unlike the above-reviewed devices, PlayStation VR is connected to a PC or TV via cable and streams graphics to the headset. This implies that this VR has a degree of processing and it is not merely a pair of lenses like the two previously reviewed kits.
  • Image resolution: (960 X 1080) pixels per eye.
  • Refresh rates: 120Hz (is currently the world’s fastest).
  • Software support: PlayStation 4 alone.
  • Hardware support: only PlayStation 4.
  • Field of view: 100 degrees
  • Controller: PlayStation Move and DualShock 4
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 and HDMI
  • Sensors: Motion sensor, an external visual positioning sensor
  • Cost: $385


  • Great performance: this device is very awesome in relaying images. It is currently the world’s fastest VR gear for relaying images. Besides, this headset has an unmatched quality of images. No wonder, it has hit the highest sales of all the gaming VR headsets in the market.
  • A nice user interface and design: I know I have already given a glimpse of this device’s performance, but surely I can’t have enough words to describe the experience of using this VR kit. Perhaps you too should buy/borrow one, use it and share the experience with us.
  • Easy to use: This VR headset is perhaps the easiest to use and it is very user-friendly.
  • Great software and hardware support: Sony has really backed up adequate support for their VR sets and there is always an answer to your headset problem if you only shared it. This is really worth mentioning.


Quite expensive: This gadget is currently priced at $385 in Amazon. Though this device is really cool, its price tag has been quite a hindrance to many game fanatics. However, besides the price tag, I have hardly experienced a bone with this headset.


For any game fanatic, this tool is the one must-have device for 2017. It is really awesome to give it a try. Though it does look a little expensive, surely it is not so expensive. So, if you can save some few more bucks, you really ought to visit here and give it a try; it never disappoints.

Rank 2: Oculus Rift for $500

Well, here is the oldest and one of the most enhanced VR headsets available in the market. Unlike the new trends that buy the idea of hardware dependent approach to VR compatibility, the good old Oculus Rift seeks to have a VR headset independent of the hardware. This, of course, comes at a cost. But if you love quality on different gadgets, would you really mind the cost? I hope not so much. Besides, this VR headset has a very wide variety of application-support and it has added accessories like the awesome earpieces and a very health-conscious pair of lenses. Here is how the Oculus Rift performs:

Features & Specifications

  • Connection type: wireless tethered.
  • Image resolution: (1080 X 1200) pixels per eye.
  • Refresh rates: 90Hz.
  • Software support: Oculus.
  • Hardware support: A PC.
  • Field of view: 110 degrees
  • Controller: Oculus Touch and Xbox One gamepad
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0
  • Sensors: Motion sensor, an external visual positioning sensor
  • Cost: $500


  • Awesome image resolution: this device has a very good image resolution when compared to almost all VR gears available in the market. This means, its VR is something very close to reality. Besides, if you use it in a PC with really good specs, you may end up being hooked for a day.
  • A wide application support: this is the ultimate VR gear as it gives you a very wide variety of applications to choose from. This makes it the king of all VR kits.
  • A wide hardware support: as noted earlier, this VR is not tied to any specific hardware company and this makes it ideal for all time gamers or VR fanatics.
  • Very light weight: weighing about 1.2 lb.
  • Has a good user interface.


Quite costly: Well, if you thought the PS VR headset was so expensive, then I am certain you will not manage this one either.

Less durability of recent releases: though this gadget has in the past been applauded as one of the most durable VR gears, its late releases have accumulated very bad reviews on durability, something that should make anybody hesitate in making a purchase.


Generally, the Oculus Rift is a great VR gear for both entertainment or even for researchers. It is one of the very best VR gears and the online rating of about 9.4 out of the possible 10 of nearly 700 buyers should be enough to prove it. You can find the Oculus Rift here.

Rank 1: The HTC Vive …is the VR Vibe of the year

Of all the available VR headsets in the market (worldwide), the HTC Vive has been and remains as the “big boy” in VR technology. Since its inception, this device has actually been mimicked by a number of other VR kits though they do not perform a fraction of what the Vive does. This gadget is the most broad-based device in VR implementation. Currently, it is the only VR kit in the market that tracks your complete movements within an area of 10FT and uses two remote controlling base stations. This actually means it is able to immerse you fully into the virtual world. You will live it, see it, experience it and much more. Sincerely, it’s very hard to completely explore all the features of this headset presents on the table. But here are some of its features:

Features & Specs

  • Connection type: cable and wireless tethered.
  • Image resolution: (1080 X 1200) pixels per eye.
  • Refresh rates: 90Hz.
  • Software support: Stream VR.
  • Hardware support: a PC.
  • Field of view: 110 degrees
  • Controller: HTC Vive Motion Controllers
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0 and HDMI
  • Sensors: camera, motion sensor, an external visual positioning sensor
  • Cost: $800


  • Has a wide range of wireless control space: HTC Vive has a very wide range (about 15ft.) of unbounded control.
  • A huge support for both hardware and software: the Vive has also a relatively wide support community. This means, when you get a problem it is very easy to get a helping hand from the internet.
  • Is very durable: in essence, this device has been offered a variable warranty with some vendors offering up to 4 years warranty. Now, only a proven durable device can be offered such a warranty of course.
  • It’s open for developers: HTC Vive does not restrict programmers from throwing in their code into their gadgets. This makes it the most customizable VR headset in the market.
  • Exemplary image resolution: though the Vive and the Oculus share the same measure of resolution and refresh rate, the Vive seems to have a fairly good display than the Oculus.


  1. It is very costly: despite all the good features, this headset is undoubtedly the most expensive to acquire. Think about this, it costs a whopping $800. Besides that, it demands that your PC has at least an i5 Intel processor and graphic card of at least GeForce GTX 970 GPU.  Boy, I don’t want to be harsh with the perfectly good Vive, but that cost is just too high.


HTC Vive is the ultimate king of Virtual reality as its performance rivals no other headset in the market. Besides, it gives you the room to begin developing some VR application that could put you ahead of modern developers. Besides, it is very friendly and it is simply the best you can get in the market. However, I only have a bone with the cost. If you have a way in which you can chew the bone, just click here, make an order and begin enjoying the vibe of HTC Vive.


…Here is something everyone must keep in mind

VR headsets may have a negative impact on one's visual ability. Prolonged usage of VR kits is not a very good practice as it can lead to impairment of the eyes or eye strain. Thus, it is very advisable that anyone should actually reduce the time taken with a VR headset.

There are two types of payments: you can pay attention, or you can pay a lot of money. Now, which one seems better for you? There are several fake VR kits dished out for sale. It is important that you always check the authenticity of the dealer before making a purchase. Otherwise, you may just end up paying a lot of money.



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